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Anthony Wong falls out with Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild

He accuses Secretary-General Astrid Chan of abusing her power

Anthony Wong Astrid Chan

After the ex-Chairman of Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, actor Eric Tsang, resigned, award-winning actor Anthony Wong has often been touted as his successor. But a recent fallout with Hong Kong actress and the guild’s Secretary-General, Astrid Chan, have tampered his chances of being the next chairman.

When Anthony arrived at the guild office with Florence Kwok, Koni Lui and other artistes last morning, he was asked by reporters if he was confident of being selected as Eric’s successor.

“Not really!” he replied lightly. But he added that he had the support of ex-Chairman Eric, and had no competitors, before proceeding upstairs confidently.

10 minutes later, he was seen rushing down the stairs angrily, saying: “They won’t let me in!” A sign on the guild stated: “Meeting in progress, non-members are not allowed to enter.”

“They said I’m not a member and not eligible!” Anthony said in fury. “Organising a guild requires so much time, and I still have to cater to the mood of my fellow artistes. It’s such a humiliation.” He added that he would no longer participate in the selection for the Guild Chairman, and may consider setting up a new guild.

When Astrid was asked about the issue, she said: “The guild has always been in communication with him. Applying to be a member takes time, and though we are all artistes, we still need to follow the rules. It’s Anthony who got upset and said we are not following the guild constitution.”

She added that if she appointed a guild applicant as a candidate for the selection of the Chairman, it would be unfair to the other candidates. She also said that Anthony was on the phone with a guild lawyer a few days ago, and did not apply to be a member in time.

Anthony continued his tirade and responded to Astrid’s reply last night: “In the beginning, I asked Astrid to stay,” he said. “But now it appears that it’s not a good thing – she doesn’t deal with matters properly. It’s not justifiable if she represents the guild and is this slow in dealing with outside matters and negotiating with others.”

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