Hong Huifang and Ann Kok(MediaCorp)

The veteran actress bagged three nominations for the top honours at the upcoming 2010 Star Awards

After the ascent of her husband Zheng Geping in the acting and popularity stakes, it's finally time for Hong Huifang to shine.

For a while it looked like the underrated actress would remain in the shadow of her husband after he shed the pounds, consequently dropping also his 'uncle' status and soon gained leading roles and accolades after fruitless nominations. He finally scored a Star Awards Best Actor in 2007 and last year, got inducted into the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes.

Now his wife Huifang is about to catch up. For this year's upcoming award ceremony, her name in the running in three categories of the top honours: Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Top 20 Most Popular Female Artistes.

Star Awards 2010(MediaCorp)

The seasoned actress and mother-of-two shared her initial shock and disbelief at her triple noms with xinmsn, "When I first heard the news, I went "Ah... Oh..." and that she was stunned for a little while.

"This has always been a little wish of mine, and I am really satisfied and glad to have a portion of it fulfilled. I daren't ask for more than this," she confessed in-between smiles.

The 50-year-old, who's been acting for 15 years, lamented that it "isn't easy to be the female lead" in a drama series, what more "scoring a nomination in the Best Actress category" when there are "about more than 50 leading roles" each year.

"Of course, it would be for the best if I could win in both categories. But I definitely want to win the Best Actress Award more than anything else. This might just be the last time I would be nominated for this," the two-time Best Supporting Actress winner confided.

Since last year's Star Awards, old has been gold thanks to a number of veteran actors and the shows they headlined garnering nods such as the auntie-centric and surprise hit Housewives' Holiday.

This year looks set to follow a similar trend with past-their-30s stars including Ann Kok, Terence Cao, Shaun Chen and Dasmond Koh taking a spot in the Top 40 Most Popular Artistes, despite amidst rising stars who probably weren't even born when their seniors were acting on TV.