Sammi Cheng // UnUsUal Entertainment

After a highly publicized split from singer-actor, Andy Hui six years ago, the Queen of Cantopop finally breaks her silence and speaks of the failed romance.

Hong Kong actress-singer Sammi Cheng's recent comeback to the entertainment scene after a battle with depression has been filled with talk of her previous 13-year romance with fellow Hong Kong artiste, Andy Hui.

The pair started dating in 1991 and broke up in early 2004 when Andy publicly announced the end of their 13-year relationship. After their high-profiled breakup, Sammi was labeled as an overbearing and bad tempered person, and was reportedly not well-liked amongst Andy's fellow buddies like Dicky Cheung.

Currently at Taiwan for her concert stopover and a new MV shoot, the 37-year-old finally broke her six-year long silence and explained the reason behind their breakup to the Taiwanese press.

"The old me used to be very willful and I took the people who loved me for granted. I am such a person and I have a fiery temper! Especially when I know that he is a person who loves me, it is easier for me to vent my anger on him," she said.

Unlike her previous self who only knew how to "be loved" by others, Sammi shares that she has learnt how to "sacrifice" now. She believes that "whoever falls in love with me now, will definitely be very happy. I promise."

When asked if she regretted going separate ways with Andy, the Cantopop crooner hesitated a little before replying, "I think there are many instances of regrets in life. When you think of some regrets, it doesn't hurt anymore, but you will still regret. A lot of things in life are like this I guess!"

Although the rumour mill has been actively churning out reports of a Sammi-Andy reunion, the latter maintains a staunch "we are only good friends" stance.

When reporters asked if a reunion between them is possible, Sammi expressed, "I have no assurance over anything. Let God handle it!"