Kola Zhou

Fans of Zhou Ying can expect to see more of the pretty lass at least for the next two years.

After first appearing on our screens in 2007, the rising star has finally signed on to MediaCorp as a full-time artiste.

The Shanghainese actress caught the eyes of many with an acclaimed performance in Ch 8's anniversary megadrama Together as the physically frail yet mature-beyond-her-years Huimin.

In an exclusive interview with xinmsn, Zhou Ying said she decided to put pen to paper for a two-year stint because she likes Singapore, its comfortable working environment, and knows that a lot of people want to see more of her.

She took part in Star Search 2007 as one of Shanghai's representatives, before appearing in 2009's ping-pong drama Table of Glory. She is currently filming a new cop drama Unriddle, in which she plays a former delinquent who has abused drugs, a role that's a 180-degree change from Huimin.

Kola Zhou

But before fans can catch her in that, Zhou Ying will first be seen next month trying her hand at hosting in the variety travel show Lodge With Me.

"Variety is much more intense and tiring, but I enjoyed it a lot. Every day was fruitful," she beamed.

The petite one revealed that as the only child, her parents pampered her so much that she should learn to be independent now, which is why they're supportive of her move.

Did she cry when she left her hometown?

She laughed, "Yes, while on the phone with mum on the plane. The air steward wanted to stop me but hesitated when he saw me tearing!"

As Zhou Ying only inked the deal recently, former housemate Dai Yangtian lamented at her lost opportunity of being nominated for Best Newcomer (closed this year due to lack of nominees) at this Sunday's Star Awards.

To that, the optimistic 25-year-old said, "Maybe I'll still be eligible next year!"

Watch her video here!