Ann Kok and Jeanette Aw

Best Actress Nominees: Ann Kok (Housewives' Holiday); Chen Li Ping (Reunion Dinner); Eelyn Kok (Together); Hong Hui Fang (Housewives' Holiday); Jeanette Aw (Together)

We say: Ann Kok
The comeback actress, currently riding high on the career and popularity charts, is arguably the cream of the crop in this category. Nominated for her lead role as Alice Zheng in Housewives' Holiday, her performance as a pompous and materialistic housewife garnered rave and positive reviews from the audience and, we couldn't agree more.

Eye candy, fine acting chops and possibly one of the hottest on-screen mamas, c'mon we say put your last dollar on this comeback queen already.

Dark Horse: Jeanette Aw
It's an open secret really, well, at least to us at xinmsn. If you haven't already noticed, actress Jeanette Aw has only her pretty face and legion of abiding fans to thank for her rock-solid popularity.

Still, the final decision as to where the coveted title lands, is largely based upon a panel of professional judges (made up by MediaCorp bigwigs and external experts). That said, rumour mill has been grinding about a plausible win for the last year's Best Actress hot favourite who lost out to unexpected winner, Joanna Peh, her co-star from Little Nyonya.

We don't say this just to sound uncouth but this one dimensional-faced actress with an acute acting talent (think Together and Little Nyonya) has some serious thanking to do if she's to win the night's most coveted title.