Vivi Nevo and Zhang Ziyi.

The love saga of China's fave screen darling has taken another turn.

Rumours surfaced last month that Zhang Ziyi's fiancé, Vivi Nevo, is a hardcore online gaming fanatic and even dabbles in web dating.

Now, it seems something got brewing between him and an unknown girl online to the extent he has broken off his engagement with actress Ziyi.

Several netizens have claimed that the Israeli multi-millionaire is in love with a fellow forum user.

Vivi and Ziyi, who were first spotted as an item in Jan 2007, confirmed their engagement in July the following year, but have repeatedly delayed their wedding multiple times last year.

The low-profile Vivi is a venture capitalist by occupation and a major shareholder in media giant Time Warner, while Ziyi is known for her international appeal, having acted in Chinese, Hong Kong, Korean, Japanese and Hollywood movies.