Text: Joyce J. Chansingh
Video: Tay Yixuan

Jamie Yeo & Thorsten Nolte

For a start - ladies, listen up. If you've been cracking your brains for ideas on getting your partners to pop the almighty question, we say take a cue from the soon-to-be Mrs Nolte. A formula of sorts, here goes:

Step one: tell him about your dream holiday destination, keep going at it till you're fairly certain that he gets the drift.

Step two: drop subtle hints on your preferred choice of diamond cut [engagement ring]. Point to note - this should be done over a random conversation instead of an intentional topic of discussion.

Step three: get your boss acquainted with your partner - very crucial step, if you should need a day off [work] to be whisked away to your dream holiday destination, and be proposed to (remember step one?).

Finally, timeliness is of essence. The three-step modus operandi should be timed few months ahead of your birthday season. And if all works out, you'll find yourself back on homeland, older and wiser, and with a heavier ring finger adorned with the best sparkle and brilliance.

Jamie Yeo and Thorsten Nolte

On marriage expectations: "I do" take #2
While it's been sometime now that news of Jamie Yeo's and her beau Thorsten Nolte's engagement have been circulated, and probably the 285th time they've been asked about their rush into matrimony - Jamie had a much-publicised split from Class95 radio deejay Glenn Ong in February last year and with the divorce proceedings still waiting to be finalized - the engaged couple are adamant that "it's the intent to get married that's important."

Jamie, 33, told xinmsn: "I'm not 23 y'know and people have to realise that divorce proceedings takes time, it will be finalized soon and our engagement doesn't mean that we've signed anything. Obviously we'll do the whole legal thing after everything is over."

Backing up his fiancée, 35-year-old Britain-born Thorsten said: "I don't follow this notion of having to set a time before you tie the knot. It's about how you feel."

Earlier newspaper reports had revealed that it won't be the first time both are walking down the aisle when they tie the knot this December after one and half years of dating - Thorsten was once married too. So, what are their expectations of a marriage, second time round?

"I think we are very compatible, and we'll always be. We give each other freedom to be who we are [and] that's very important," Jamie said. "It all boils down to compatibility."

When asked of the reasons that contributed to the breakdown of her previous marriage, Jamie, like a veteran celebrity, skirted the question in a fashionable manner, much to the amusement of her fiancé. "I don't want to exactly spell it out," she conceded.

"Ultimately it's the lack of compatibility, sometimes people go on the same journey and they get different interests. When both parties don't agree on a fundamental issue, the relationship breaks down," Thorsten concluded.

The Englishman mused on how being with Jamie brings out the best in him, he said: "It's cliché but when you actually find that, you can actually see it...that's certainly what Jamie did for me."

"And I do for you too, right?" Thorsten asked, looking to his wife-to-be for an affirmation. "Yes!" Jamie replied, guffawing. "Of course!"