Matilda Tao(MediaCorp)

Avon conducted a recent poll amongst 20, 30, and 40-year-old women in Taiwan and surveyed them on their take on inner and outer beauty.

These ladies were asked to score the nominees based on their financial, influential and learning capabilities. Apart from that, they were also asked to rate them based on their personal styles, skincare and makeup skills, and improvement on their physical appearances.

Judging by the poll results, most women believed that self-confidence and inner beauty is more important than just looking good.

Taiwanese compere and host of One Million Star, Matilda Tao, who came in tops from the poll, said, "If we were to really compete based on outer looks, I'll probably lose out to them. My beauty is probably in my strength, which was how I won them - because I displayed Girl Power and strength!"

Coming in after Matilda would be the award-winning newscaster, Jennifer Shen Chun Hua, followed by Christine Chou Mei-chin, wife of Taiwanese president Ma Ying Jeou. The 57-year-old First Lady was praised for being independent, opinionated and sincere to the citizens and was looked upon as the new-age female representative. No wonder Christine nailed the highest ratings in terms of inner beauty.

Supermodel turned actress Lin Chi-ling came in fourth placing followed by Patty Hou, Sun Yun Yun, Sissy Chen Wen Qian, Tsai Ing-wen, Gui Mei Lun, and Dee Hsu (also known as Xiao S).

Speaking on the rankings, Kevin Tsai jokingly teased, "If we were to judge them based on a man's point of view, the guys would feel that these ladies are like the Bodhisattva (Guan Yin), not the kind of girls they would pick-up. Especially for the top three, they might even pay respects of offer sticks of incense for prayer.

"Although Xiao S did not come in the first three placing, in my heart, her beauty is unrivalled, you can't put a position to it," he praised.