Eelyn Kok(MediaCorp)

Getting hitched is undoubtedly the latest fad to hit Caldecott Hill, with artistes hopping on the bandwagon one after another. Eelyn Kok is the newest addition to the growing list of MediaCorp artistes who will be walking down the aisle and saying the magical words "I Do" this year.

After more than two years of courtship with her Singaporean beau, the MediaCorp actress revealed that she will be tying the knot in the second half of this year at the press conference for upcoming Ch 8 programmes, Don't Forget The Lyrics and Precious Babes.

The event was attended by the main cast of Precious Babes, Ann Kok, Cynthia Koh, Qi Yuwu, Zheng Geping, Eelyn Kok, and the new host of variety programme Don't Forget The Lyrics, Mark Lee.

Precious Babes main cast // Zheng Geping, Qi Yuwu, Eelyn Kok, Cynthia Koh, Ann Kok(MediaCorp)

In an interview with xinmsn, the bubbly 32-year-old talked about her interactions with nine-month-old baby Aynsley and admitted that it triggered off her maternal instincts. Upon further probing, Eelyn eventually confessed that she will be getting hitched next year.

"Honestly speaking, working together with a baby has fuelled my urge to get married, and I hope to have a small family of my own," she bashfully answered.

Eelyn Kok(MediaCorp)

According to the actress - who did not "say yes" immediately, it took her three months before she finally agreed to his proposal which took place last year. The coy one also revealed that they will be registering their marriage in the later half of this year and will throw a banquet dinner in 2011.

The pair was introduced to each other via mutual friends and her fiancé is said to be working in the auditing industry.