Chua En Lai, Michelle Chong and Alaric Tay

The Channel 5 comedy "news' sketch is returning for a third season: The Noose 3(D), doing what they do best - digging in a delicate satire, at Singaporeans with flaws, extremely funny flaws - all in the name of fun.

Why legendary you ask? Irreverent, nonsensical and totally hilarious - be enchanted by the ever so popular news anchor Adrianna Wow's (Michelle Chong) ditzy persona in her signature hair-raising 'do, and the peculiarity of B.B. See (Chua En Lai) in his heavily exaggerated British accent.

Together with a team of oddball reporters, namely Andre Chichak (Alaric Tay), Jojo Joget (Suhaimi Yusof), Jacques [read: jack-ass] Ooi (Chua En Lai) and Nida Goodwood (Michelle Chong), all of whom with equally parodic mannerisms - The Noose is a mark of comedic genius.

The Noose

Catch their newsworthy stories on 'Lucky Underwear' to help casino visitors improve their luck, 'Stupid Names' that Singaporeans give themselves and their children, 'Taxi Drivers Learn French' to better serve their customers, and 'Fishball Price Fixing'...amongst other breaking news!

Wait, we mentioned about The Noose 3(D). So, where's the three-dimensional element?

"Just watch on 1st June and you'll know lah!" someone shouted across the make-up room, where xinmsn spotted Chua En Lai and Alaric Tay getting dolled up. Let's just say this season will see The Mad Hatter meeting a Na'vi (Avatar) in Wonderland.

Chua En Lai and Alaric Tay

Adrianna Wow sums it up: "We really are the most serious people on TV today. We bring you so much important and useful information. And of course, people should watch The Noose because of Adrianna Wow. Thank you!"

Michelle Chong

And if you haven't already checked out the last two seasons, chances are you wouldn't want to miss the forthcoming one.

Life is short. Watch The Noose, but don't believe them! You'll be glad you did.

The Noose 3D

The Noose 3(D) returns June 1st, Tuesdays at 8.30pm on Channel 5.
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