Elvin Ng and Tracy Lee.

Pretty, gentlemanly and sensitive. Elvin Ng seems to be all of that, if you believe Malaysian actress Tracy Lee.

Tracy gushed about her co-star in an exclusive interview with xinmsn when we visited her on the set of upcoming idol drama No Limits. In the show she plays a confident - sometimes overly so - swimmer, while Elvin's a sailing coach.

"We get together very well!

"When I do emotional scenes, it's inevitable I'd recall some unhappy things, and my mood would be affected. But he's very sensitive and would notice it right away. After the shoot he'd comfort me."

Lucky her.

No Limits is only Tracy's second drama serial since returning to Singapore this year. After contesting in Star Search 2007, she returned to Malaysia. But she was invited back recently to star in the Chen Hanwei vehicle The Best Things In Life as his materialistic sister and Zhang Yaodong's girlfriend.