Fan Bing Bing

Unlike her earlier declaration last year on being "single for the past three years" due to her "busy work schedule," Fan Bing Bing is now basking in her newfound love.

She was snapped holding hands with her boyfriend as they strolled along the streets of France decked out in matching couple attire last month during the Cannes Film Festival.

The 28-year-old was in France for the screening of Chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai's latest flick, Chongqing Blues.

According to Chinese reports, Fan's middle-aged Chinese beau is believed to be her manager, Mu Xiaoguang. He is said to be a devoted and hardworking man in-charge of paving Fan's career path.

Rumour has it that the pair got together in 2008 and is currently cohabitating -- although the tightlipped Fan has denied speculations of a blossoming romance between them.

Since her entry into showbiz, Fan has been romantically linked to many Chinese businessmen and fellow male actors. Out of all these rumours, Fan has only admitted to her relationship with Wang Xue Bing as the pair was snapped by paparazzi during their Tokyo rendezvous.