Angela Yang (also known as AngelaBaby) has been under attack from scathing reports alleging that she had gone under the knife for cosmetic enhancements.

The rumour mill got to work again recently as the news resurfaced and her old photograph was even dug up to use as comparison to her current look.

"Those people keep harping on the rumours as if my whole face is fake. That old photo was taken when I was wearing braces so my face looked swollen. Moreover, the camera angle wasn't good."

The model revealed that she has plans to visit a doctor for an X-ray to refute the surgery claims after finding out that actress Fan Bingbing had done something similar. Angela denied taking this move because of her boyfriend.

"I feel very tired from having to handle the stress (of the rumours). All my friends have touched my face before and know I'm innocent."

She added that her company is now trying to contact suitable doctors and should be doing the check-up at the end of the year.

Despite her anger at the report, the star broke into a smile when reporters brought up her rumoured beau Huang Xiao Ming, but avoided directly answer questions related to him.

The pair has been rumoured to be seeing each other since last year. In an earlier report, when asked if the two of them are indeed together, Xiao Ming reportedly hinted at the relationship when he told reporters that he "is not good at lying and cannot reveal too much".