Fei Yu-Ching and Chang Fei

Taiwanese artistes Chang Fei and Fei Yu-Ching's mother passed away last Saturday at a ripe old age of 85 years old. She reportedly suffered from the last stage of gynaecological cancer and died of organ failure.

Chang, who was seen mourning his mother's demise at her funeral shared that "Xiao Ge (Fei Yu-Ching's nickname) has no wish to say goodbye in such a hurried state. It's okay to put her in an ice box for the next two to three years!"

The host of Variety Big Brother revealed that people who have been paying their last respects to their deceased mother at the funeral have expressed concern over his younger brother's condition.

"He actually went with my father on the first night. He has been staying with my mother and needs time to heal from his emotional pain, especially when he buried these feelings deep inside his heart. He needs some time," Fei thoughtfully added.

Fei also revealed that he is in-charge of handling the funeral matters whereas Xiao Ge would be tasked with caring for their aged father.

"Everyone is very concerned over Xiao Ge but he has clammed up. He thinks that nobody can feel or understand what he says or feels because of the close relationship between mother and son.

He continued explaining, "Xiao Ge recently cancelled a couple of recordings in China but still has some contractual agreements to fulfill. I decided to start work and continue with recording to encourage him not to cancel the rest of his shows."

The brothers have been preparing for their mother's departure since 115 days ago. They have been recording the times spent together and compiled the memories into a DV diary. When reporters asked the 58-year-old if his mother had any last wishes, Chang choked on his tears and appeared visibly upset.

He wrote his mother's last wishes on the reporter's notebook which said, "Let's be mother and son in our next lifetime."