It's difficult to find a good man nowadays.

Luckily for Gigi Lai, she managed to secure one.

Gigi's husband Patrick Ma once said that he would want at least three kids in his family. However, in an interview with a Hong Kong magazine, he told reporters that he is not rushing Gigi to have more.

"It was really hard on her to carry the twins this time round; I don't want her to be exhausted so I'll want her to rest for now."

Patrick also revealed details of what happened the day Gigi gave birth.

"I was not in the room because Gigi was under anaesthesia and my crutches might be a hindrance in the room, so I stayed outside and waited. I rushed to see her once she was out of the operation room."

When asked about Gigi, the doting husband was all praises.

"She is a wonderful wife. She does her duty as my wife well and still takes very good care of her brother and parents."

Gigi started working when she was 14, to supplement the family's income. After her brother met with an accident that left him brain damaged, she retired from showbiz to concentrate on taking care of him.

Patrick also proudly confessed his feelings and promised Gigi a good life.

"Now that we are married, I must take care of her and give her a warm and loving family. I'm already over 50 years of age and yet I can still find such a good wife, I'll definitely cherish her."