You would think with over 20 years of acting experience under her belt, Zoe Tay would have done it all.

Yet, for her upcoming movie, Love Cuts, Zoe was exposed to many firsts.

The first time she poses topless.

The first time she has to speak Cantonese.

First, the topless bit. Zoe posed topless for the movie's poster, with co-star Kenny Ho's hand covering her vital parts.

This being the first time the actress is having such close contact with a male actor while showing that much skin, Zoe revealed that she had made a lot of precautions prior to the shot.

"I requested for minimum skin contact. I wore a tube for the shot and when we did the shot and there was no contact at all. Can't tell right? We are skillful people!"


When asked if it was awkward for both the stars, Zoe said that the poster shoot was the last assignment and she had been working with Kenny for the past few days before the shoot.

"Kenny is like a big boy; he's very easy to talk to and he got acquainted with the kids in the movie very fast."

When asked about her husband's reaction, Zoe said that he trusts her judgement.

"He respects my work and trusts me to take care of myself."

"I'll inform him about scenes if there is a need to."

(Video: Zoe's interview)