According to recent reports, singer Wilber Pan has been dating Bebe, the daughter of a rich businessman, on the sly.

When reporters asked Wilber about the alleged romance, the star denied and clarified that Bebe "was just a schoolmate".

When asked if he would go public if he ever gets attached, Wilber frankly replied no.

"I wouldn't admit it even if I'm attached because I would want to protect her."

Wilber has been busy filming idol drama Endless Love and incidentally, he just finished shooting two steamy kissing scenes with co-star Sandrine Pinna, a Chinese-French mixed-blood actress.

Initially, the script only required the two stars to do a quick peck. However, the director changed his mind and asked Sandrine to make it a passionate one instead.

Wilber, not knowing the change, had such a shock when Sandrine kissed him that he stopped and looked at the director with a confused look. The director had to howl at him to continue the scene.

After the scene, Wilber praised Sandrine in front of reporters, saying that her lips have a nice touch to them.

"Maybe it's because she's a mixed blood," Wilber quipped.

As the two stars are acting as an item in the show, rumours have been rife that Sandrine has really fallen in love with her co-star.

To that Sandrine clarified that it's all work.

"To be totally involved in a role is my principle when I'm acting, so while I'm in love with him in the show, we go back to just friends after the shoot is done."