Homegrown girl-group By2 was accused of getting nose jobs in order to impress a guy.

According to reports, the two girls wanted to dazzle Taiwanese singer Anthony whom they met at a countdown concert earlier this year. The twins reportedly went to a cosmetic clinic and got a nose job.

During one of their performances, eyewitnesses claim that the twins' make-up had smudged and their nose appeared bruised, which is a side-effect of a nose job.

When By2 was in Shanghai, the two damsels clarified that they did not go for cosmetic enhancements.

"Maybe it's because we are growing up; our body and our face changes too!"

Despite the clarification, the two girls admitted that they are not against cosmetic surgery and may do it if there is a need.

However, as of now, they are satisfied with their current looks and can always count on cosmetics, not cosmetic surgery to make them look pretty on-screen.

By2 also said that they're learning how to do their own make-up, although they joked that the first time they tried, they applied too much powder and ended up looking Michael Jackson.