Michelle Reis is said to be expecting a baby after two years of marriage to tycoon Julian Hui.

According to a Hong Kong magazine, the entire Hui family is exhilarated about the pregnancy and even Michelle's mother-in-law had a 180 degrees change in attitude - tensions were reportedly high between the two due to Michelle's perceived inability to conceive.

Michelle's mother-in-law ordered Julian Hui to pay more attention to his wife and also made sure Michelle is well-fed with tonics to ensure the baby's healthy.

According to sources, Michelle apparently owes the surprise pregnancy to a special formula obtained through their friends.

"The family had always wanted a child but they also know that this is something that can't be rushed. I think they found a family recipe through a friend, which is probably Chinese medicine and they thought there was no harm in just trying it. To everyone's surprise, it actually worked!"

However, many remain sceptical of the news as there have been quite a few false alarms regarding Michelle's pregnancy for the past two years.

Michelle recently appeared in public as a guest for the opening of a new Japanese restaurant.

Michelle only changed into high heels - pregnant women usually avoid heels due to the danger of falling - and she had her helpers around most of the time. Her manager even acted as Michelle's bodyguard to ensure her safety.

While it is still too early to judge, Michelle displayed other signs of a pregnancy: her belly was protruding slightly and her bust-line appeared to have grown bigger too.