Fifty-seven-year-old local comedian Marcus Chin finally got his wish as his girlfriend Eileen Cheah gave birth to a 2.99kg baby girl two days ago (Aug 18).

Marcus stayed with Eileen throughout the entire process and even personally cut the baby's umbilical cord. The moment he saw his baby girl Elise, Marcus was moved to tears.

"At my age I should be a grandfather already, yet now I'm a father! At least this is better than having no chance at all!"

Eileen went into labour on the 17th and was admitted into a hospital in Malaysia with Marcus and family by her side. After hours in labour pain, baby Elise was finally out.


Eileen revealed that she insisted on not having anaesthesia to get a taste of what it feels like to be a mother.

"It really hurt a lot and I had to scream; I almost wanted to give up!"