Text: Joanna Goh
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Kelly Rowland(AP Image)

Hopeful fans who are fervently waiting for a reunion between the disbanded "Independent Women" group, Destiny's Child, will remain sorely disappointed. Five years on from their separation in 2005, it seems like the girls have no plans to pick up from where they left off, yet.

Although rumours of an impending reunion between the trio are arife, Kelly Rowland ended said speculations, "I just spoke to B (referring to Beyonce) and Michelle before I came here. And that was not the topic of our discussion. We spoke about other things. We haven't talked about a DC (referring to Destiny's Child) reunion."

"As of right now, I love being in the space I'm in. I have a great crew around me and they are just as excited about the record. I respect the space the girls are in, and the girls respect mine."

Kelly Rowland's a life-sized Barbie doll. She strolls into the hotel suite at Marina Bay Sands with added poise and confidence thanks to her statuesque height and built. Her long shiny black mane complimented by her beautiful peepers and a winsome smile, greeting us with a bright and cheery, "Hi!"

For someone who has chalked up a bulk of air mileage jetting to and fro New York, Germany, London, and America, Kelly didn't show a single hint of being jet-lagged, though she confesses to "losing track of time" from all these traveling.

Sharing on her latest music single, Commander, where she sports a new femme fetale image a la the bodysuits and masculine imaging, Kelly concedes that the single's theme is "a bit darker" and edgier than her previous works but "still fun" in general.

Kelly Rowland and David Guetta // Kelly Rowland and David Guetta(AP Image)

"As far as Commander is concerned, I just thought it'd be so much fun to be a commander of course. It's just a statement for me definitely, coming out on my own, filling my space.

"I'm happy being a commander," she chirped positively in an interview with xinmsn.

Despite delving into the realm of dance music and making a notable diversion from her usual R&B urban roots for her upcoming music album, Kelly has no plans to let go of her "roots" yet. Describing her latest album as "dance-inspired", the American singer believes that "we're all allowed room for change."