Kate Pang

Kate Pang is the newest addition to Caldecott Hill.

Speaking to xinmsn in an exclusive interview - her first in Singapore - the Taiwanese model had nothing but praises for fellow Mediacorp's actresses Joanne Peh and Rui En, whom she will be acting alongside with in an upcoming drama production. Filming for the drama would commence this month.

Surprisingly, the feisty one has no wish to join the "royalty" status - a popularity ranking label coined by local media for popular female celebrities - of Joanne Peh and Rui En.

"I won't dare to offend the title of a 'princess'. My character doesn't suit that of a princess. I'm a freedom-lover and I don't like being controlled. The palace is not a place for me," Kate explained.

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to Taiwanese actress Kwai-Lun-mei, the model was talent-scouted at an audition held by Mediacorp early this year.

She subsequently inked an acting contract with MediaCorp and has moved to Singapore since July.

When asked about her bold decision to relocate here, the experienced model explained that she is a risk-taker.

"When it comes to work, I like to take on a variety of challenges. Since there was an opportunity to work in a foreign land, I decided to give it a try."

Kate Pang

The self-professed "Ms Independent" shared that she had departed from Taiwan to Singapore without much fanfare from her family.

"I'm the 'leave-things-up-to-fate type'; I'm already used to a life of a drifter. When I was in Taiwan, I was always on the go, studying and moving around in the northern, middle and southern parts of Taiwan. I'm used to a life of a voyager since I don't live with my family," Kate quipped.

Hence, it didn't come as surprise when Kate told xinmsn that she had adapted well to Singapore.