Felicia Chin Kingone Wang

Looks like Felicia Chin can't get enough of TV.

After a short hiatus from acting, the former-actress-now-student will be back on our goggle boxes this December. But hang on, she's not giving up her books just yet.

The pretty actress last exited our TV sets and embarked on some much-delayed tertiary education in June, bidding local audience farewell with her swansong performance in sports-music drama No Limits.

The starlet will return for a short one week plus acting stint in the upcoming Channel U feature film, Love, 50%, before hitting the books again.

Present at Channel U's beach event, Hey Gorgeous on The Beach, with co-star Taiwanese Kingone Wang last Saturday, Felicia spoke to xinmsn about her upcoming acting project and her school life.

In the film, she plays a free-spirited girl who bumps into Kingone Wang's insurance agent character. Drama ensues and the pair's meeting soon spirals into a day of fun, adventure and romance.

Felicia Chin Kingone Wang

Felicia Chin (right) and Kingone Wang (left) appearing at Channel U's beach event to promote their upcoming feature film.

Felicia praised her foreign co-star for his natural acting and friendly nature.

"I used to watch his idol drama, Why Why Love, and always thought him to be a serious person. Turns out he's nothing like that," she said.

While Felicia had come to know Kingone through his drama, the lad on the other hand was clueless about Felicia until their meeting a few days before this interview.

"I only knew about Felicia being one of MediaCorp's "Seven Princesses" yesterday!" the actor admitted bashfully.

He explained: "Working in Taiwan gives me little opportunity to know about Singapore's entertainment scene. The few that I know of are Fann Wong and director Jack Neo's film I Not Stupid."