Andy Lau

Andy Lau sure has a fun bunch of friends.

For the filming of the music video for his upcoming Cantonese album, Andy Lau took on the role of Charlie Chaplin, and roped in his celebrity good pals - Sammi Cheng, Ekin Cheng, Chapman To and MC Jin - for a jolly good time of "dress-up".

The star will be singing a remake of singer Sam Hui's classic Cantonese song, 'Ren Ban', in his upcoming album.

While Andy played the role of policeman Charlie Chaplin, Sammi Cheng portrayed a moustachioed criminal, complete with exaggerated eyebrows and a messy hairdo.

On her transformation, Sammi was not afraid to look ugly, but instead took great pleasure hamming up in her new persona.

Sammi Cheng

"(The look is) OK! I wasn't a pretty girl to begin with. I really made a big sacrifice for art this time! " she said.

In a bid to challenge Andy, Sammi even lifted her legs to her head while filming, showing off her nimble reflexes.

To which, Andy admitted defeat and joked: "I did tell you to shoot action films!"