Carina Lau

"I know that this beautiful misunderstanding (referring to their relationship) has been great (for the media and fans) to watch," said Carina Lau.

Speaking at a promotional event for her latest movie, Detective Dee, in Beijing recently, the actress spoke openly about the alleged love triangle - one that has been ongoing for many years.

Carina had no qualms about praising her "rival-in love" Maggie Cheung, saying that the latter was "quite good" and "very pretty".

"Everyone has been chasing this news for so many years (such that) it's useless for me to clarify them now. I understand the mentally of the media and fans," she quipped.

On her husband being constantly linked to Maggie Cheung, the 44-year-old actress expressed, "We are all smart people. Being entangled in such a relationship for all these years certainly makes for a good movie or drama script. I'm happy for Tony."

She added, "Every girl is envious that I have such a lady-charmer (Tony Leung) beside me. If I were a guy, I would be envious of Tony too."

In July this year, a photo of Carina Lau in an intimate pose with Chinese tycoon surfaced in the tabloids. Media reports claim that the actress was cheating on her husband.

When probed on Tony's reaction towards the incident, the actress emphasised that their "relationship would not be crippled so easily."

Contrary to his missus' graciousness during interviews, Tony refused to answer questions on his private life, choosing to only talk about work during his appearance at a Cartier event in Shanghai yesterday.

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