Lin Chi-ling

Following Jerry Yan's surprising revelation that he had once thought of using marriage to salvage a relationship, speculations were rife that the girl in question could possibly be Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling.

Ever since a leaked photo incident in 2002 - where photos of the pair in bathrobes were stolen from Lin's mobile phone - the two good-looking artistes has been romantically linked together.

Touted as a very compatible pair, netizens had expressed regrets when news of Jerry and Chi-ling's break up surfaced.

Speaking at an endorsement press conference yesterday, Chi-ling denied the allegations.

"No. I've never heard him [Jerry] mention about it [getting married]."

However, the 35-year-old revealed that she had once been through a regrettable relationship.

"I've had a time when I really yearned to get married, but it didn't happen. It's been so many years ago," she said.

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