Jane Zhang

Jane Zhang wants Eason Chan. And she wants him bad - for a song collaboration that is.

Speaking about her hopes of a future duet with Eason, the singer waxes lyrical about the Hong Kong King of Cantopop, praising him for his relentless pursuit of perfection.

Little wonder why the native Chinese singer, who hails from Sichuan, China, could hardly contain her excitement when she met Eason at a music event in Hong Kong.

"I'd asked my colleague to pass a note to him, telling him that I would like for a chance to collaborate, and hope that we both feel the same way."

In town over the weekend to promote her fourth album, Believe in Jane, the 26-year-old held her first Singapore autograph session as well as a music showcase at Shanghai Dolly.

Back in 2005, Jane's appearance on China Hunan television talent show Super Girls shot her to stardom- the singer made her American TV debut on The Oprah Winfrey Show last year and garnered a nomination at the 52nd Grammy Awards in January this year.

With such an illustrious career in a short span of five years, it's surprising to know that the celebrity faced problems adapting during her rookie years, preferring to see herself as a "singer" instead of an "artiste".

"I was a very free person in the past. My mum did not order me to do my school work or decide on schools for me. After becoming an artiste, l had less freedom in my life because I've to follow other people's ideas," Jane confided.

However, Jane has gradually gotten accustomed to life as an artiste, and has become more mindful of her appearance. Jane exclaimed jokingly, "I've assimilated!"