Andy Lau

Andy Lau has finally handed over his assets to Carol Choo after their clandestine marriage in July 2009. With her status being recognized, Mrs Lau's 25 years' wait has definitely paid off!

Filming in China for the past year, Andy, who has just turned 49, has been consistently tight-lipped about his marriage. As Carol continues to reside in Hong Kong, Andy takes extra precaution to make sure she is shielded from unnecessary media attention.

According to sources, Andy bought a Kadoorie Hill apartment located in Kowloon earlier this year under the name of Choo's relative as a gift for his wife. He even went to the extent of purchasing two more 7-seater SUVs to ferry Mrs Lau around to shun the media eye.

Andy has also secretly transferred another two Kadoorie Hill estates, previously under his father's company, to Carol's overseas company where she is a shareholder.

It is also said that two other Kadoorie Hill properties that were sold in 2008 were also later transferred to her Malaysian relatives. With all his assets in the hands of his ex-beauty queen wife, Carol's status has without a doubt been inaugurated.

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