Text & Photos: Joanna Goh
Video: Tay Yixuan

Pamelyn Chee(MediaCorp)

For starters, we believe Pamelyn Chee's (or Pam, for short) brain is wired differently. She's one spunky lass who prefers the road less traveled, opts for the out-of-ordinary, and craves for variety.

A complete standout from her fellow peers, she knows the danger of treading in character stereotyping and has no qualms uglifying her pretty mien for the camera, which is why we don't think you'll ever catch Pam doing the same role, twice - at least not for now.

"I love uglifying myself! Uglify me!" the 28-year-old earnestly pleaded, eyes twinkling.

"I think that it's so much more fun playing an ugly character, a loony character, or a bad character. I think even the pretty girls have to have an edge to be interesting onscreen," she quipped.

For the record, she doesn't mind trying her hand at playing the pretty-girl-next-door, but claims it's just "for the experience".

As a matter of fact, she says, "To be only playing a pretty girl would really bore me.

"And I don't like things that bore me."

She's a terrific interviewee - articulate, opinionated, and keeps her answers to the point - short and sweet. Some might find Pam aloof on first impression but she's not all cool cat though, and caught us by surprise with a couple of rare emotional outbursts.

Pamelyn Chee(MediaCorp)

Always ready for change and a challenge, Pam will soon be adding "gun-wielding babe" to her resume following her latest role as an ICA Special Agent in the upcoming Ch5 action-drama series, Point of Entry, also featuring Hong Kong actor Carl Ng.

"I always feel that the roles choose me; I don't really choose the roles," she admitted.

A self-professed workaholic who needs only a minimal of six hours of sleep a day, the ex-VJC student is currently straddling between Penang and Singapore, filming Point of Entry and her upcoming Lunar New Year flick, Perfect Rivals, with Irene Ang.