Hi My Sweetheart

Taiwanese drama series Hi My Sweetheart onscreen lovers and lead actors Show Luo and Rainie Yang are rumoured to have shared a romantic past.

After collaborating in the drama series last year, sparks allegedly flew between the pair and they started to develop feelings for each other. According to a Taiwanese publication, the duo started dating each other on the sly for four months while filming Hi My Sweetheart.

Although they have both denied the rumours, their attempts to reassure the media of their chummy friendship gave rise to even more speculations of their dubious relationship.

When the broadcast date for Hi My Sweetheart was brought forward, a stressed-up Rainie reportedly broke down and sought comfort from Show. They further aroused suspicions when crew members overheard them calling each other lovingly by their onscreen nicknames, 'bao zhu jie' and 'da lang'. The sweetie-pie singer-actress was also said to have visited Show during his dance rehearsals for Elva Hsiao's latest MV.

At the recent Taiwanese Golden Bell Award, Rainie was feeling upset over Show's Best Actor award loss to Moonlight of Brotherhood's Wu Cheng Di and shed tears of disappointment backstage, further fueling rumours of an ongoing romance between them.

It is believed that the both of them are stubbornly refusing to admit their romance due to Rainie's past with one of Show's buddies, Alien Huang (also known as Xiao Gui). They reportedly went from lovers to "just good friends" after dating for four months because of the awkward atmosphere generated by their ties with Alien.

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