Barbie Hsu

Looks like Barbie Hsu may not get her way for a February wedding next year.

Barbie had recently gotten recently engaged to CEO of South Beauty restaurants, Wang Xiaofei, 29, after dating each other for just 20 days. The Chinese millionaire has a net worth of TWD $800 million ($34 million), and was once romantically-linked to Chinese actress Kitty Zhang.

The engagement took place on Oct 22 with Barbie's father as their only witness. They had also announced their engagement via Barbie's weblog.

The 34-year-old host's mother gave her well-wishes to the couple on Saturday and praised Xiaofei for being caring and attentive to her daughter.

Xiaofei's mother in turn, praised Barbie as being down-to-earth. However, she advised not rushing to hold the wedding in February as she believed more time is needed to plan a proper one.

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