Zoe Tay

It's official, Zoe Tay's newborn son is called Nathan.

Photos of both the happy mother and son were revealed over Jeanette Aw and Yvonne Lim's Twitter posts as local celebrities gathered to celebrate Nathan's first month over the weekend.

Zoe had given birth to her third son in October, three weeks earlier than her expected due date. The Caldecott Queen's two elder sons are Brayden (born 2005) and Ashton (born 2007).

Nathan was delivered via Caesarian birth, a first for Zoe as her two older boys were delivered naturally. According to good pal Pan Ling Ling, the doctor decided to go ahead with a Caesarean procedure due to special conditions that were not revealed.

He weighed 2.96kg at birth but was not given a name as he had arrived earlier than planned.