Text & Photos: Esther Cheng
Video: Fiona Lin

Michelle Chong(MediaCorp)

As if playing an auntie detective wasn't big enough a challenge, think 7 a.m. call times, 18-hour long shifts, falling sick on the job and no sex life.

Host and actress Michelle Chong experienced all that with her brand new Channel 8, Mrs P.I, in which she plays a disciplined ex-cop-turned-detective, who interestingly enough, sets conjugal routines with her on-screen husband (played by Zheng Ge Ping).

Mrs P.I is Michelle's first Chanel 8 show after Like Father, Like Daughter three years ago. In between, Michelle has been hamming it up in her multiple roles in Channel 5's The Noose and her hosting stint on One Moment of Glory.

In an exclusive interview with xinmsn, the bilingual actress revealed that sex was fixed on "every Saturday" in her new drama, as her reel character preferred everything to have a system.

So does Michelle have such a routine in real life when it comes to the bedroom as well?

"I have no sex life!" she exclaimed.

Michelle Chong and Zheng Ge Ping(MediaCorp)

Michelle Chong and on-screen husband Zheng Ge Ping on set of Mrs P.I

Unlike her on-screen persona in Mrs P.I, Michelle explained that she's a really disorganized person in real life and hardly has the time to clean up after herself. The versatile actress did not forget to joke about not being able to afford a personal assistant to look after her as well.