Text: Joanna Goh
Video: Tay Yixuan

Pamelyn Chee

"Drop your gun! Drop your gun! Hands up!" a deep voice boomed through the creaks of the upper floor at a tapas restaurant located in Little India.

At one of the film sites for upcoming Ch 5 drama series Point of Entry, Fly Entertainment artiste Pamelyn Chee was exacting a couple of high kicks and over-the-shoulder throws with one of her co-star who was unfortunately, villain for the day.

Prior to the shoot, we were informed that the cast will be filming an "action scene" but Pam took us aback when we saw her decked in heels, body-hugging floral dress with a crystal hairclip fastened to her locks.

The 27-year-old was clearly enjoying the stunts and hand combat action as she grabbed, kicked, and elbowed her villainous co-star before us with much ease and fluidity.

When we overheard Pam's growls and the heated scuffle taking place on the second floor, her co-actor Carl Ng, pointed to the floor above and cheekily exclaimed, "That's a man upstairs!"

Point of Entry

"She's really strange. She's got a man's voice, really weird," the Eurasian lad chuckled when asked for his impression on Pam.