Mike Hsu and Dee Hsu

Will Dee Hsu still stand by the convictions she has about her husband?

On Dec 2, many celebrities turned up for Carina Lau's 45th birthday celebration held in Shanghai. After attending the party, Taiwanese host Dee Hsu's husband Mike Hsu was seen leaving for a bar with friends.

The group's drinking session did not end till about three in the morning. Friends were holding onto a slightly drunk Mike as they made their way out of the bar. Before leaving, the group talked for a moment and Mike even reached out to hold a female friend's waist. He was later sent up the car, and left with good friend Hu Jun.

This is not Mike's first time being photographed in such incriminating poses. In May this year, the media revealed pictures of Mike hugging girls in nightclubs. Dee Hsu quickly "put out the fire" by saying that the couple knew each other frequent nightclubs before their marriage and thought it was not a big deal.

The Here Comes Kang Xi host stood up for her husband and expressed that nightclubs are often crowded and noisy, so it was normal for friends to hug or whisper to each other. Once, at another event, Dee also replied forthrightly that Mike was a "nightclub" style when asked what type of a man he was.