Elaine Ng and daughter

Nothing was left for Elaine Ng and her daughter in Jackie Chan's will.

Elaine Ng, an actress and former Miss Asia 1990, left the entertainment industry after giving birth to Jackie Chan's daughter in 1999. A few days ago, she accepted an interview from the media with her daughter, nicknamed 'Xiao Long Nu' (or Little Dragon Maiden), in tow.

"I chose to be honest with my daughter about her family background because I'm her mother. I don't want her to know it from other people," said Elaine firmly.

During the interview, the 38-year-old said she did not wish that her 11-year-old daughter find out about her family background through media reports or newspapers.

The former actress also told her daughter that she chose to give birth to her because of her strong character and willfulness. Elaine wished that her daughter would not follow in her footsteps because her choice hurt many people and led to repercussions.

The public speculated if Elaine's sudden acceptance of an interview had anything to do with financial problems, but she emphasised that the interview was for her upcoming art exhibition in Shanghai.

It was reported that Jackie provides the mother-daughter pair HKD$350,000 ($60,000) per month. While it is not a small sum, the expenditures from Xiao Long Nu's expensive private school and the luxurious apartment the pair lived in proved to be hefty.

The single mother stressed again that she did not accept any alimony and raised her daughter independently. Watching her daughter grow up healthily day after day, Elaine felt that her willful decision was worth "everything".

Elaine revealed to the media she was pregnant with Jackie's child in October 1999. Under the media's persistent questioning, Jackie was forced to admit he had an affair with Elaine.

The Big Brother of the movie industry admitted to "making the mistake every man in the world would make", but did not make any comments on Xiao Long Nu.

It was love at first sight for the pair who reportedly met at a friend's party. There were rumours that friends at the party could see that the pair felt that they had knew each other too late.

Elaine ultimately became Jackie's confidante and was even pregnant with his child. However, because Jackie wielded international influence, the former actress had no choice but to raise Xiao Long Nu on her own.

The Hong Kong actor-director once said in a media conference that he has prepared a will. He stated that half of his assets would go to charities; while the rest would go to his wife Joan Lin and son Jaycee Chan. Confidante Elaine Ng and Xiao Long Nu were not mentioned.