A few days ago, Taiwanese model Lin Chi-Ling was rumoured to be marrying businessman Qiu Shi Kai this year.

The model's mother denied the rumour, saying that "the year is still very long ahead" and expressed that while youngsters feel that having a career is important, marriage is just as significant. She felt it was high time Chi-ling put more thoughts into her marriage.

"The other party (Qiu Shi Kai) is currently very busy with his career. Getting married would put a hold to his work. I've spoken to Chi-ling. Work might be important, but one has to prepare in advance. You can't stop work as and when you like. One should make plans," said Chi-ling's mother when asked if the Qiu family were pressing for marriage.

On Chi-ling's ex-boyfriend Jerry Yan, who cried when speaking of Chi-ling, the model's mother hoped that he would stop creating news fodder. She even said that his actions would impede Chi-ling's marriage.

"They've worked together previously and were good friends. However, don't make use of her anymore. It would thwart her marriage. Everyone has their past; they have their own life journey. However, with the present situation, not saying anything about the past would be the right decision," said Chi-ling's mother.

Chi-ling's manager replied to the rumour, saying that she had not heard of the impending marriage and added that the model would be filming a movie this year.

Jerry's manager expressed that the actor did not know he was going to be asked about Chi-ling beforehand; crying was the natural reaction then. She also claimed that Jerry and Chi-ling are still friends.