Selina Jen

Taiwanese pop starlet Selina Jen's ordeal was not only a wakeup call for the entertainment industry, but also the society.

Ever since Selina's onsite accident, which left her severely burnt, Father Jen had been updating microblogging site Weibo daily to inform the public of his daughter's recovery.

In a gesture of thanks to her father, Selina's younger sister Kristen Jen specially produced Simple Love, a video made of footages of the sisters' growing up years, a younger Father Jen singing and simple words of love. She shared the video with fans and netizens online, earning tears from her audience.

It had been 77 days since Selina's unfortunate event. A few days ago, Father Jen revealed on his Weibo that Selina had to put on a pair of hard, vertical leg braces, which helps to prevent her legs from bending unconsciously during sleep. If the braces were not used, her legs would not be able to straighten when she wakes up and she would need to put in a lot of effort before she recovers.

A pair of hard, vertical leg braces

A pair of hard, vertical leg braces

In a related report, Selina's record company HIM International and Chinese broadcast station Hunan TV have not reached a settlement regarding her compensation.

Recently, HIM International proclaimed this year as "a year of gratitude". They intended to release and sell notebook memorabilia celebrating the company's 10th anniversary in mid-January, as well as cancel their annual year-end dinner.

The proceeds from the sale of the notebooks and the money saved from the dinner would go to welfare foundations supporting burnt patients. The amount to be collected was estimated to be more than NT$500,000 (approximately S$20,000).

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