Chris Tong

If there's one actress you must take note of in 2011, it's Malaysian actress Chris Tong who first made waves with her stellar portrayal -- and maiden appearance on local telly -- as a down-to-earth righteous lawyer in Ch8's well-received courtroom drama series, The Family Court.

A newly-signed on MediaCorp artiste with a two year acting contract, Chris will be featured in upcoming local production C.L.I.F (Courage, Loyalty, Integrity, Fairness) alongside Tay Ping Hui, Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh.

According to the actress during an interview with xinmsn, contract talks have been ongoing for a period of time though nothing was confirmed back then as she had reservations over the development of her career in Singapore.

Hoping to make the most out of 2011 with plans to branch into movies and singing, Chris shared that her current two-year contract terms are "comfortable and flexible".

Chris Tong and Tay Ping Hui

Chris Tong and Tay Ping Hui at C.L.I.F's lensing ceremony

"I no longer have any worries or hesitations. We have reached an agreement and I am happy with its flexibility. I really appreciate it," the ex-beauty queen smiled, eyes twinkling with satisfaction.

When probed about her plans to release a music album this year, the Malaysian lass chuckled embarrassedly at her singing endeavour and confessed that she was initially "unsure" about this window of opportunity pitched by a Taiwanese record company.

She said, "I had my doubts and wondered if I was suitable for it since I've only had the experience of recording one theme song for a Malaysian drama series. But the record company was persistent and I feel that the timing is now right for this [album]."