Maggie Cheung

It looks like actress Maggie Cheung and her boyfriend are still together.

Recently, Maggie reportedly broke up with her German boyfriend of three years, Ole Scheeren, moved out of her home in Beijing and went on a holiday to heal her emotional wounds.

However, according to a good friend of the actress, Maggie is in a stable relationship with her boyfriend. She had also visited Ole's parents in his hometown last Christmas. The friend even added that there was no change in Maggie and Ole's relationship.

The 46-year-old actress began dating her boyfriend, who is seven years her junior, in 2007. The couple set up a home together in Beijing and was often seen at events together.

However, there were frequent rumours of breakups and Ole was even spotted with a female architect, which fuelled the rumours further.

Maggie denied rumours of a split, every time she was at an event.

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