Faye Wong and Li Yapeng

A mother's love is the greatest love of all.

A few days ago, Chinese singer Faye Wong and husband Li Yapeng talked about their family life today in a rare interview together.

Yapeng recalled their dating days, saying that he once sought the views of Dou Jingtong, Faye's daughter with musician Dou Wei.

Jingtong also asked Yapeng if he would "marry my mother", to which the Chinese actor replied then, "Most probably [I] will."

When talking about how she got along with her daughters, Faye said that "being a full-time mother is just as difficult as being a singer. There are many things [to do] at home, the trivialities".

Faye later revealed that she already knew her youngest daughter Li Yan had a cleft lip even before her birth. However, Yapeng and Faye both felt that the baby was a gift from the heavens. After exchanging three sentences, they decided to have the child.

"I asked [Faye] what she thought. She questioned me what I meant and if I didn't want her [Li Yan]. Then I said I understood," Yapeng reminisced.

"[We] never gave up on her [Li Yan]," Faye added emotionally.

Li Yan, who is now four years old, is not only beautiful but clever. Faye said that her daughter is growing up healthily and there would not be any problems as she grows up either. Yapeng also complimented his daughter's eloquence.