Christopher Lee and Fann Wong

MediaCorp Ah Ge Christopher Lee and Ah Jie Fann Wong have come under the public's eye since their marriage in 2009.

Last December, when Fann accepted a xinmsn interview with Zoe Tay, the latter's "soon, soon" and her brash statement of "[Fann] would definitely have a Rabbit baby" led to speculations of a pregnant Fann.

In January this year, Christopher denied that his wife was pregnant at an interview with xinmsn. In another interview, he admitted that he felt weary from the constant childbearing questions.

Local celebrated fortune teller Master Hui told xinmsn that the couple only has a 20 per cent possibility of having a "baby bunny". He also predicted that the couple would probably only have one child, and children born in the Years of the Rabbit, Horse and Sheep would bring the couple luck.

The master said Christopher and Fann's relationship would experience some conflict this year and suggested for the couple to participate in more charitable work or to place lucky charms in the northeast direction of their house, to improve their relationship.

Christopher Lee and Fann Wong