Peter Ho

Fans of Taiwanese actor Peter Ho need not fret; he is fine now.

Actor-singer Peter Ho, who made a massive earning last year, spent NT$300,000 (S$14,000) on a year-end dinner for the media and his production crew. Juniors "AK" Andy Chen and Kris Shen were the hosts for the event.

Andy and Kris lost sleep for a week as they were nervous about the event. In a bid to liven up the atmosphere, the duo played instruments and sang.

At the event, Peter made a "love declaration" to his fans: "I once had only two fans turning up for my autograph session. Now, I will treasure the time I spend with everyone."

In the afternoon, Peter celebrated an early Lunar New Year with about 500 fans, where they were separated into teams for a basketball game.

During the game, Peter took a step to toss the ball into the hoop but lost his footing later. That actor hugged his leg and cried out in agony. At first, everyone thought he was merely joking but when his shouts grew louder with a pained expression on his face, his manager quickly called for an ambulance.

After a quick X-ray at the hospital, it was confirmed that Peter did not fracture his bone. However, it is unclear if he tore his ligament as the results from his checkup would only be available on Monday.

At an event yesterday, Peter turned up with crutches and interacted with fans.

"I did not hurt my important parts," a cheeky Peter teased, assuring his fans of his injury.