Mike He

Taiwanese actor Mike He recently made his comeback to the drama scene after a period of rest.

Donning a white tux, actor Mike He appeared at a Japanese skincare product event as its ambassador. Apart from endorsements, fans could also look forward to an idol drama and a movie from the actor.

At the event, Mike helped a fan to test her skin quality. The intimate gesture not only nearly caused his star-struck fan to faint, it also earned shrieks from all the other fans present.

Mike's popularity apparently did not take a setback despite his short absence from showbiz.

A few days ago, Mike filmed a kissing scene with singer-actress Cyndi Wang on their latest drama All the best, Mei Le. The scene took six minutes to film and had six NG takes.

Mike's posture was also put to test during the scene. He had to "half-squat" to kiss Cyndi, and said that "it was a big challenge".

When asked what it felt like to kiss his co-star Cyndi, who is well-known for maintaining her lips, Mike first awarded the touch of the girl's lips "100 points" before expressing that they shot "very long" for that particular scene.

Mike added that while it had been a pleasurable experience working with Cyndi, he feels nothing for her.