Hannah and Jay Chou

At the gala premiere of Hollywood movie The Green Hornet in Taiwan, Jay Chou complained the lack of a love life and hoped to find someone to celebrate Valentine's Day with.

Well, it looks like Jay's wish might just come true soon.

It was reported that Jay had already found a new girlfriend -- Hannah Quinlivan, who is 14 years his junior.

After gala premiere, Jay was seen bringing a group of people, including the director of The Green Hornet, to a nightclub. Hannah, who was dressed in a black leather shirt and short skirt, was also seen among the group.

Hannah was born in 1993 to an Australian father and a Taiwanese mother. She was a high school student before she entered showbiz through variety programme Blackie's Teenage Club.

Jay also reportedly prepared a car for Hannah's use some time ago. It was reported that Hannah recently used the car after her work.

On the rumours, Jay's company JVR commented: "Talk [to us] if you have the photographs. Don't just believe in reports and hearsay."

Hannah's company was not available for comment.