Fala Chen

Yet another Hong Kong actress is embroiled in a "nude photo scandal".

Hailed by Hong Kong netizens as the "new generation sexy goddess", a nude photo of TVB actress Fala Chen was allegedly uploaded onto an online forum recently. The photo showed Fala in nothing but underwear, while her chest was digitally masked to cover up her nudity.

The message attracted great response from netizens after it was posted online. Most netizens supported the TVB actress, saying that the photo was a fake and believed it to be digitally altered. One netizen even claimed that he had lodged a police report.

Her manager did not comment on the issue, while Fala seemed to be unfazed.

Yesterday, the actress left a message on microblogging site Weibo and said: "Valentine's Day. [I'm] thankful. Love others, love yourself."