Isbella Leong and Richard Li

When the cat is away, the mouse plays? It looks like it might be the case with former actress Isabella Leong who was spotted with an unknown male in Toronto, while her partner, Richard Li is in Hong Kong.

Richard, son of Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing, had initially arranged for his partner, 22-year-old Isabella and their three sons to return to Hong Kong for Lunar New Year.

However, Richard later changed his mind because his work commitments would not allow him to spend time with them. Isabella and sons remained in Canada.

According recent reports from the Hong Kong media, Isabella was spotted at Toronto's Park Hyatt bar, where she was photographed with an unknown male. She was engaged in a three-hour conversation with her male companion.

From the photographs, there was no intimate behaviour between Isabella and the male. The pair kept a safe distance from each other.

When reporters contacted Isabella's Hong Kong representative, she expressed that she had already seen the reports and thanked the public for their interest. The rep refused to comment on the issue.

In other related reports, it was said that Isabella's future father-in-law had arranged for her and her sons to live with them in their mansion at Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong.