Jackie Chan and Jane Xu

Is international star Jackie Chan going to excuse his drunken behaviour with the same old line "I made the mistake every man will make" again?

A night before the Lunar New Year, actress Jane Xu was reportedly seen entering a five-star hotel in Beijing sneakily.

The hotel was rumoured to be one of Jackie Chan's long-term "stronghold" where the star would invite friends over whenever he was in Beijing.

At around 2am, Jackie and Jane were seen leaving the hotel in a tipsy manner. According to media reports, Jane was visibly intoxicated as seen from her staggered footsteps and constant outburst of laughter.

Jackie, sporting a red face, seemed more sober than his female companion and was seen holding onto Jane's elbow as he led the actress into a car.

After the actress got into the car, Jackie appeared to have both of his hands on the actress's face and started kissing her intensely. It was a while before Jackie let go and the pair said their goodbyes.

Jane later commented on the reports via her microblog, "Was that a joke? Where do you see the 'passionate kiss' and 'drunkenness'? What good storytelling. You've worked hard."

Jackie did not comment on the issue.

Jackie Chan and Jane Xu