Charmaine Sheh

Hong Kong actress Charmaine Sheh has been signed on to broadcast station TVB ever since being crowned 'Miss Hong Kong' in 1997.

Last year, rumours of Charmaine leaving TVB circulated after the actress lost out the Best Actress award to Sheren Tang at the 2010 TVB Anniversary Awards.

At an event last month, Charmaine admitted that she was discussing her contractual renewal and expressed that "China has a big market and [they] need many actors. [You] earn more when you shoot a Chinese drama".

Earlier this year, it was said that many Chinese producers had approached Charmaine when she was filming in Beijing. One producer was even willing to fork out RMB$15 million (approx. S$3 mil) to sign the actress to a two-year contract.

When TVB caught wind of the news, they made a counter offer of HKD$10 million (approx. S$1.7 mil) for a two-year period. However, the amount was only half of what the Chinese producer offered.

A few days ago, Charmaine was spotted having dinner with TVB senior officers, who were hoping to keep the actress. It is believed that Charmaine listed conditions which TVB was unwilling to fulfill, hinting that she had no wishes to renew her contract with the broadcast station.

To that, the human resources director said that they are "currently in discussion" and that Charmaine "did list some requests, but we need to consider them".

The actress was unavailable for comment.

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