Isabella Leong and Richard Li

A bland relationship.

His frequent trips away from home.

A longing for her previous glamourous life.

These were all the reasons that prompted Hong Kong actress Isabella Leong to initiate the split from Richard Li.

According to an insider, the couple's relationship had turned bland after Isabella gave birth to her twin sons. Richard's frequent business trips caused him to be away from home for long periods of time.

The insider also let on that Isabella, who had entered showbiz at age 12, was used to the glamourous life and was tired of her boring life with her children. Richard apparently gave his partner time to reconsider, but Isabella was firm in her decision.

It is believed that Isabella did not request for any separation fees. Richard would only need to be responsible for their children's living expenses and educational costs.

Richard, in the meantime, has turned to female confidante "Jin'er" Zhang Jin Jie, the founder and creative director of Green T. House in Beijing. Richard had rarely met up with Jin'er after he started seeing Isabelle, but the pair had always been in touch.

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